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An Introduction:

Richard M. Foster established RMF MicroComputer Services in 1993.  Always very enthusiastic about computers, Richard acquired formal training in computer programming at the College of Geographic Sciences (NSCC) in Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia. Richard quickly realized the large demand for personable home and small business based computer service and training within his own community of Digby, Nova Scotia. While working full-time in an unrelated field, Richard assisted local business owners and home computer users in better understanding their systems’ potential and limitations.  Richard has further ventured into website creation and management, taking full advantage of his hobby of graphic design.

RMF CircuitRichard moved to the Annapolis Royal area in the late ‘90’s where he now works full-time in an unrelated field and part-time out of his home for his computer services company.

Glenn Foster (Richard’s brother) officially began working for RMF MicroComputer Services in 2003 after rekindling an interest in computers.  Working in his spare time for RMFMCS and full-time in an unrelated field, Glenn soon became the ‘go-to guy’ for computer related problems among his friends and co-workers.  As with Richard, Glenn realised the need for personable computer repair and consulting services (at fair and reasonable prices) in his area.

While working on computers for clients and for himself as a hobby, Glenn completed the required study for official computer technical certification in June 2007.  He is now recognized by industry professionals as a certified “CompTIA A+” computer technician.

‘Word-of-mouth’ advertising generates 95% of the business acquired by RMFMCS.  Our client base is comprised of many home users as well as local businesses.  Some of the businesses in our client base (past and present) are as follows…

– Tim Hortons, Conway and Digby

– Canadian Tire, Digby

– McDonalds Restaurant, Conway

– Fundy Complex, Digby

– Annapolis Royal Volunteer Fire Department

– Brinton’s Body Shop, Smith’s CoveThe power glow of an LED illuminated computer face.

– Fundy Spray Campground, Smith’s Cove

– Sobey’s, Digby

– Plympton Convenience Store

– Digby Dental Center

– Digby Eyecare Clinic

– Digby Community Services

– Digby Print & Promo

and others.

RMF MicroComputer Services provides:

–  Website creation, hosting and maintenance

–  Graphic design

–  Desktop and laptop computer repair and upgrades

(CompTIA A+ Certified Technician)

–  General system cleanup as well as “fresh Start – clean Installs”

–  Home network configuration and troubleshooting

–  Custom built cables

  • Cat5e network cables (computer network/internet)
  • Coaxial cables (cable TV)

– Analog to digital medium conversion. (We can convert your old records, photos and snapshots, homemade videotapes to digital format)

  • Photos
  • Videos (VHS)
  • Audio (LP’s and cassettes)

–  Custom slide show creation with music and/or narration

–  Data backup service

–  Computer consulting and troubleshooting

–  Remote computer service (Some conditions apply)

–  Computers custom built to YOUR specifications.

Additionally we offer:

–  Detailed billing (You know what you are paying for)

–  Computer repair and consulting with a personal touch

–  We make ‘House calls’

–  Pickup and return service available

  • Disconnect / re-connect service

–  Competitive and fair pricing.

At RMFMCS, we are continually learning new computer related skills and are always ready to challenge our abilities to reach higher levels of professionalism.  Helping people is our objective.  Whether a home user or business user, we will help you to the best of our ability and always offer consistent, competitive pricing.


 Our offices can currently be found in Upper Clements and Digby, Nova Scotia.

My Plympton office workstation

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